A scrunchie offered with each order :)

The BOUQUET silk blouse


MaisonCléo x Susan Alexandra collaboration, we pay tribute to her “BOUQUET” flowers beaded bag.
Sheer slightly transparent shirt to wear in two different ways in a handpainted flowers silk.

Entirely handmade in the workshop of MaisonCléo in the north of France by my mother Cléo 🙂

The fabric is a beautiful see through silk at 39 euros for 1 meter, the realisation (pattern cuts, assembly, finishing touches, ironing) takes approximatively three hours. Price explanation : - Time it approximately takes to make the blouse : 3 hours = 30 euros - Fabric needed = 46 euros (one meter of this fabric costs 39 euros and we need 1,20 meters to make one blouse) - Paypal fees = 9,30 euros - Marketing fees (photo shooting, films development, films, scans, photographer, model, press loans / divided by the number of pieces we can make in this fabric = approximately 3 euros - Hosting website per year / divided by the number of pieces we'd like to sell in one year : 0,30 euros - Packaging (box, card, label, scrunchie) = 3 euros - Country tax to pay at the end of the year on the turnover, estimated by sold item = 8 euros - Fees we have to pay to the state on each sale, 33,60% on the price of the item = 77,28 euros - Accessories on this piece (zip closure, buttons...) = 0 euros So selling this blouse costs us 176,88 euros, we choose to sell it at 235 euros to earn at least 60 euros for both of us at each sale. (30% for Susan and 70% fos us).


It is possible to indicate your measurements (chest circomference, waist circumference and hips circomference, height...) in the comments section in your basket or after the order by email at contact@maisoncleo.com. We will make the order in accordance with your measurements. Indeed, some people can be a 36 size at the chest and a 38 size at the hips, or be between two sizes. No price supplement applies. It's also possible to ask for any adjustements you want (length, sleeves length, higher neckline, puffer sleeves...) you want. Fees may apply. Support : The bust circumference is the largest part including the breasts tips, the size circumference is the finest part and the hips circumference is the largest part including the buttocks.

XS - 34
S - 36
M - 38
L - 40
XL - 42

The pieces we made are based on this sizing chart we use. Example : for us a size 38 has a bust circumference of 90 centimeters, a size circumference of 70 centimeters and a hips circumference of 98 centimeters. You may use this chart to know which size to order. The measurements are in centimeters and are in this order :
- Bust circumferences
- Size circumferences
- Hips circumferences